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The Beginning

The Company founded under the name of Al-Taif Company for mediate selling and purchasing Foreign Currencies with limited liability on the date of 18/9/1999 according to the rules of Companies regulations No. (21) for the year 1997, license has been got to  practice the profession and accepting external income transfers and conduct internal transfer operations from Central Bank of Iraq/Directorate General of Inspection over Internal transfer No.  (171) dated 19/2/2000.

The History of the Company:

The Company started practicing its duties starting from 19/2/2000, because of the expansion in the Economic Field occurred after the year 2003 and the spreading of the Economical freedom in Iraq so we determined to expand this Institution to fulfill the requirements of the Economical activity increased inside and outside of Iraq so on the year 2006 it has been decided to found joint stock   Company under the name of (  Bait Al-Mall for Money Transfer ) according to the approval of National Companies registration Department No. 10461 dated 19/7/2006 . Later to keep the heritage and the history of the company in Financial action Field the name of the Company changed from the mentioned name to Al-Taif Money Transfer Company according to the approval of the Companies Registration Department No. 8366 dated 1/8/2007. In this year the approval got from the Central Bank of Iraq for practicing Money Transfer and Exchange according to its note No. 96/3/2637 dated 19/9/2007 because the great ideas should assigned to great experiences to succeed. With full faith that the Economics of the countries did not built only with the minds and arms of its sons and with a strong and active scientific will, depends on a big balance of experience , multiple relations ,well reputation, accurate understanding of reality and vision with innovative renewed ideas, this what is really distinguished founders of the  Company.

 The Company adopted an electronic modern system which facilitates fulfilling the services and help to execute in a very accuracy and speedy manner also provide strong business bases which enable the company to expand with its plans safety and confidently. That came after the agreement with Al-Taif Company for Financial, Administrative and Technical Consultant to submit the advice in preparing the Administrative contexts and prepare organizing the requirements of the technical field… also prepare contexts and accounting system and create courses for training and development for all the cadres of the company, in addition to Baker Tilly British company who presents the advise concerning the accounting , Administrative and Financial Affairs of the company.

Additionally the Company adopted in the work on qualified employees, so the Company entered to the market to shine its name during short time and be exclusive Company, entered new ideas on the Banking transfers, participated in Developing the profession and transport to a progressed level, which let the company to gain the confidence of financial Institutions working in the Country and also the public confidence so that the company held many agreements with financial Institutions like:

      ·       Western Union Company:

It is International Company for Money Transfer founded in the end of 19th Century and now has more than  (270,000) website in almost the world countries, presented to us technical services by sending and receiving money in few minutes.

·       AL AnsarI Exchange

Worldwide Cash Express


You can apply now for an appointment in Al-Taif Money Transfer Company through the official Website

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